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Country Comfort (Artist Proof)

$ 995.00
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"Country Comfort" by Steve Hanks

Signed Limited Artist Proof Edition Lithograph, Unframed
Image Size: 12 X 20 in.
Edition Size: 99

I have talked about sunshine as a metaphor for the light that the model projects and as a metaphor for revelation. I have talked about "warmth" as the warmth of the model. But these paintings can also be seen on their simplest term: The comfort of the warm sun on skin and sheets. These are private intimate moments in places where we feel safe, secure and comfortable: the bedroom, the bed, the couch or the bath. These are moments of being completely alone, deep in private thought, coming to terms with yourself or even conversing on a higher level (with God's greatest temple, the human body) and celebrating one's life and oneself.--Steve Hanks

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